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Written by: LF on 08/04/2017 14:51:19

Freckles is a Danish pop punk/rock group (or college punk rock as they term it themselves) that popped up on my radar sometime last Summer and this year they have released their first EP, "Do You Like Me?". As that title might point to, the lyrics here circle around relationships and all the feelings and troubles that come with trying to find someone to be with. The recording spans four energetic songs in thirteen minutes with each their own catchy parts, so let's go through them here.

The first single "Never Let You Go" kicks everything off with a quick tempo and a good drive from the relentless drums and chugging guitars. It has had some airplay on the most popular music channel in Denmark and understandably so as it is pretty catchy! The guitar riff and the vocal melody echo each other nicely and no doubt that's also a big part of the reason why the verse rather than the chorus is likely to pop into your head the rest of the day after you've listened to it.

Next up is "Girls" that has a nice change in atmosphere as it opens up in the chorus with floaty vocals and clear guitar notes in contrast with the otherwise reverb-focused guitars of the rest of the EP. The first two songs are the most memorable but "The Fire I Despise" does have its own darker touch going on in its fast strumming while "Leftover" stands out mostly through its extended outro of sliding guitars.

All four songs, then, are basically tightly structured and have good melodies as mentioned but nevertheless, they feel a little dragging from time to time. Freckles haven't yet found their own distinctive sound but there are definitely elements - like the outro - that mark this EP as more ambitious than "just" wanting to revisit the Californian pop punk scene. The EP is thus a good starting point and their songs are sure to get some feet dancing and lips singing at their future shows.

Download: Girls, Never Let You Go
For The Fans Of: Yellowcard, Blink-182, Simple Plan

Release date 17.02.2017

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