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A little over two years ago, Florida's Frameworks released an explosive screamo revivalist album called "Loom". Though clearly inspired by Touché Amoré, the album took us back to screamo origins by referencing early cult bands like Saetia, just in an updated format. With sophomore album "Smother" last summer, they take that expression and evolve it into a slightly more polished and structured direction, while retaining much of that primal rage that made the debut album such an intense listen.

In practice, it means the soundscape has shifted ever more towards atmospherics. "Purge", for instance, is a beautiful mixture between emotional hardcore Touché Amoré style and post-rock inspired, expansive guitar landscapes that nicely fill up the echoing soundscape entirely. Admittedly, the aggression levels have been toned down somewhat, but not entirely ironed out. "Peculiar People", for instance, is nothing short of screamo godhood. Powered by chaotic screaming and unpredictable instrumentation, it literally feels like the band is falling down the stairs as they are playing the song, save for the post-rock style leads that ensure a curious intense vs. atmospheric dynamic in play. It's chilling. The same goes for "Tinnitus", which comes at you straight off the gate in a relentless fashion with throaty screaming and chaotic instrumentals, only to calm down during the bridge (relatively speaking).

"Loom" had the advantage that there were no expectations. Seemingly out of nowhere, the band released a modern screamo classic that assaulted its listener with ferocious delivery that was nonetheless surprisingly catchy and memorable. On "Smother", that effect is missing. It's a good screamo album but lacks the longevity of its predecessor. In my opinion it is because the band now sound more or less like a Touché Amoré clone, and those guys have released excellent albums as of lately. Instead, "Smother" sounds like a good screamo album, but not necessarily something you'll remember a few years down the line.


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Release date 08.07.2016
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