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Written by: PP on 02/12/2007 06:05:56

Yippee! Another classic 90s alternative metal band that I only know by their name. I just love writing a knowledgeable review about a band whose reportedly admirable career I won't be able to recite, let alone provide any extra anecdotes that a savvy reader wouldn't have found from Wikipedia by the time they reach this review. Trust me, it's not always fun to be a music critic. So which record has made its way through to stand under my scrutiny this time? Monster Magnet's seventh studio album, "4-Way Diablo".

The best way to describe Monster Magnet's sound to those unfamiliar with it would be calling it either alternative metal or hard rock some serious balls. Which one is more correct, I'm not sure, but I think both convey the manliness of the record quite good. One quick listen to Dave Wyndorf's vocals on a track like "Slap In The Face" paints a picture of an empty Arizona freeway into your mind, with Wyndorf himself fitted in a leather outfit, cruising at high velocity with his classic motorcycle. The guitar compositions are ballsy, no-bullshit hard rock kind, leaving bands like Nickelback looking appropriately childish in their wannabe imitation of this exact sound. See the title track for a perfect illustration, or just check out the opening line in "Wall Of Fire": "Well I'm back, I got a cock made out of platinum, I got money coming out of the sky!". Bring forth the solos, and you'll be sold - as long as you are a fan of classic rock with a distinct mid 90s rock and roll flavor.

While I'll be quick to admit this is quite an interesting and, in many ways, a good record, I'll be even quicker to note that there's no way in hell I'll be able to judge how well "4-Way Diablo" measures up to their mid 90s classics (if you can believe the promo sheet). And while we're on the theme of admissions, I'll also admit that Monster Magnet isn't my cup of tea, a notion that will probably equal to that of you, the reader. They fall into the category of a band with a sound too old to sound relevant in 2007, unless you live in Alabama or something.


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Release date 05.11.2007
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