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State Is Burning

Written by: PP on 12/02/2017 20:26:16

Now that we're on the topic of political punk and bands we should've covered six months ago, it's only appropriate that the next review is about Israeli punks Useless ID and their eighth album "State Is Burning". Let's just put it this way: if tight skate punk that varies between the aggressive hardcore-rooted approach of Good Riddance and the anthemic sing-along melodies of NUFAN appeals to you, it's about time to salivate. "State Is Burning" is their best album in a decade, and takes the genre playbook and follows it religiously through because sometimes the wheel just doesn't need reinventing.

The opening track "Land of Idiocracy" sets the tone of the album in just under a minute. Ferocious vocals, relentless tempo, and tight melodies yet infectiously catchy song with no added bullshit or inflated production values. Pretty much as Good Riddance as it comes. Compare it then to "Borrowed Time" and it's Authority Zero style melodic punk that flirts just enough with pop punk to draw in a The Loved Ones reference as well. More importantly, it highlights the great pipes of vocalist Yotam Ben-Horin, which is clean and powerful, crackling just enough at the edges to give that extra character to make it stand out. Elsewhere, the band channels pure NUFAN style skate punk anthems, leaving behind a collection of songs that range from pedal to the floor, hardcore punk influenced bangers to instantly memorable sing-along tracks throughout. Fifteen songs in just under thirty minutes, what's not to like?

In that sense, "State Is Burning" is like a quintessential Fat Wreck Chords release. No bullshit, just solid, straight up melodic punk with catchy, memorable vocals without delving too far into pop punk. While still some way to go to the genre heavyweights, "State Is Burning" is a good reminder that quality punk rock does exist in unconventional locations like Israel, too.

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Release date 01.07.2016
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