Real Time Fiction EP

Written by: LF on 02/02/2017 15:41:52

Alcabean is a new Danish alternative rock/post-punk band consisting of two brothers on vocals, guitar and bass, and a friend of theirs on drums. The music is filled with a huge, fuzzy guitar sound and the energetic and melancholic style is something of a blend of noise and garage rock spiced up with a clear 90's grunge influence. They've already been killing it at various live shows around Copenhagen in the last half of 2016 and in September they then released this 6-track EP. Mysteriously, it hasn't found its way into my listening cycle before now but it is however very much deserving of your time and thus also of a slightly late review on our site.

What instantly sets this EP apart from a lot of debut rock band recordings is especially the impeccable sense for melody that kicks you in the guts instantly from the very first song "Need Comfort". It rumbles along with some catchy lyrics and a nice juxtaposition between guitar riffs and a sharp vocal melody that really helps build the track. It references fire several times, making it somehow foreshadow the third track, "Fire", which is another stand-out song here. The catchy riff of "Fire" is also cheekily placed in our minds before the song has even begun by appearing in a somewhat strangely placed two and a half minute intro instrumental before it: "Slow". It makes for a weird break in the flow of the EP as it appears as track number two and might have made more sense as a ballsy move if it had flowed directly into "Fire" as one long guitar build-up.

After these two related songs, "Real Time Fiction" presents more edge in its melody and fast tempo. At the same time, it has a much more controlled approach to the resounding fuzz noise than the previous songs, even as it lets go and soars for the last minute, repeating the same phrase over and over. "Domino Heart" is the only song here that has trouble standing out among the others, while the last song, "You Only", leaves a mark with its almost dissonant, oddly rhythmic chorus.

The band's grunge-sound certainly fits well with the reappearance of 90's sounds in current music, and I'd say there's a good chance that they can break out from being just an underground band if they keep making as catchy songs as the ones presented here. I'm certainly happy that their uncompromising noise rock EP found its way to me and I can only advice any other fans of big, fuzzy sounds and strong melodies to give it a listen if you haven't yet!

Download: Need Comfort, Fire, You Only
For The Fans Of: Drenge, Wolf Alice, Nothing, Nirvana
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Release date 02.09.2016
Tapetown Records

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