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Written by: PP on 28/11/2007 04:29:46

"Lets hold hands and listen to shitty bands" sings the Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer's vocalist Rachel Mint on "Death Or Radio". Although her point probably wasn't to make a point about relationships, little did she realize that one line was going to have such a double meaning to it. Think about it (and be honest here): how many times have you been with a girl (or a guy for that matter) and thrown some shitty band on just so you could create something at least remotely resembling a non-awkward setting/atmosphere in your room?

Ironically enough, Zolof's new record "Schematics" is exactly that type of record. It's so non-offensive and well-mannered that it'd suit even as background music for an artistocratic teaparty. It's the kind of feel good rock & roll that's easy to pass as background music in the car while you're chatting to a friend in the front seat. But that's of course not everything there is to the record, and I'm really downplaying it's good sides by calling it simply 'background music'.

In terms of the musical spectrum, "Schematics" falls somewhere in between the keyboard infused pop punk made famous by Motion City Soundtrack, girlpowered power pop, and catchy pop rock. Especially the aforementioned "Death Or Radio" and "The Way It Goes" will surely become crowd favorites with their easily singalongable choruses and relaxed riffs, but the majority of the record doesn't fall short in catchiness either.

The songs aren't particularly complex, but because of their bouncy sound, they are fun to listen to. Sometimes all you need is songs to put you in a good mood, and that's the absolute strength of "Schematics". But at the same time, that strength is also a weakness, because the over joyous bubblegum pop can easily get annoying, especially once you've owned the record for a while.

However, if all you are looking for is a record to sing along to brighten the rainiest of UK autumn days, then "Schematics" is a must have for you. Fans of keyboard infused pop punk will find Motion City Soundtrack as their preferred option, but if for some reason you've grown tired of them, check out Zolof's slightly poppier approach.

Download: Death Or Radio, The Way It Goes
For the fans of: Motion City Soundtrack
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Release date 25.09.2007
Le Pamplemousse Records/FlightPlan Records

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