Developing A Theory Of Integrity

Written by: PP on 13/01/2017 10:47:38

With a second consecutive album of pure Midwestern punk godhood, it's starting to look like MakeWar will become the next cult sensation within the genre. Originally from Venezuela, the band relocated to New York and immediately played themselves into the hearts and minds of punk rock fans worldwide with a charming, emotionally-charged, self-titled debut album in 2015. It was a record that paid high tribute to the Lawrence Arms influence-wise but managed to be its own record through solid songwriting and depth-laden, understated punk rock anthems that grew on you more and more as time passed by.

The same approach continues on sophomore album "Developing A Theory Of Integrity" only a year later. "Ode", for instance, contains chilling melodies and a huge, emotive sing along alongside melodically ringing guitars with just enough distortion, and scratchy vocals that echo Midwestern ethos all the way through. The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, and similar bands continue to be a key influence, but the additional emotional charge draws in elements from Alkaline Trio, Tigers Jaw and others, too. "Dtfh" and especially "On Feelings" are just a couple of examples where raw emotion meets honesty-driven, no-nonsense Midwestern punk at a perfect midpoint. The lyrics are delivered with passionate scratchy croons that add plenty of charisma to the delivery, not to even mention their content, which is heartfelt, to say the least.

In practice, MakeWar doesn't reinvent the wheel on "Developing A Theory Of Integrity". Much like its predecessor, it is basically by the books Midwestern punk through and through, with brief ventures into other styles such as "Sallie" with its playful folk punk guitars. But what it does, it does extremely well. The coarse croons are as warm as they are catchy, without delving too far into pop to preserve the depth-laden vibe their songs give across. In that sense, they are just like The Lawrence Arms, and when the songs are this good, does the close resemblance even matter? Not in my books, at least.


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For the fans of: The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, The Holy Mess, Get Dead, Alkaline Trio
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Release date 07.10.2016
Red Scare Industries

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