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Written by: PP on 08/01/2017 22:34:29

As we're rounding up 2016 for good, we're still going through releases we failed to cover the first time around. One of these is White Lung's fourth album "Paradise", which continues roughly from where "Deep Fantasy" left off two years ago. It's a buzzing record jam-packed with hyperactive, technical guitars and a halfway industrial atmosphere, fueled by effects-laden, grrrl power attitude-driven vocal work by Mish Way-Barber.

The intensity levels are sky-high and the fretwork is awe-inspiring to say the least as the band venture through post-punk with metallic riffs that'd make most metal bands jealous for their pure technical flair. Keeping that in mind, it's surprising the songs are as well-rounded vocally as they are, sticking to memory pretty much from the first cries of Way-Barber. A great example is "Kiss Me When I Bleed", whose chorus is one of those impactful ones that leaves an immediate mark thanks to its feminist message and an almost spiteful delivery. Similarly, "Sister" provides The Fall Of Troy-esque insanity on lead guitar, with a memorable chords supporting, but the high pitched vocal screeches and cries are what make the song work.

The same pattern continues throughout the record. A frenetic tempo with ridiculously technical guitars played with a relentless intensity, and Way-Barber's unconventional vocals flying high above the mix. It feels off tune and noisy at first - which it is, don't be mistaken - but there's so much more to discover once you allow the crazy fretwork lead the way. True to previous work, White Lung race through the record in under half an hour, but leave behind what might be their most well-composed work to date. Less chaotic and more fine-tuned, "Paradise" is the sound of a band that has grown perfectly comformatble with their own soundscape and now know how to best execute it.

Download: Dead Weight, Sister, Narcoleptic, Kiss Me When I Bleed
For the fans of: Savages, Fidlar, Perfect Pussy
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Release date 06.05.2016
Domino Records

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