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Unsaved Progress

Written by: LF on 21/12/2016 20:33:10

In 2014, self-proclaimed nerdy neo-rock band Double Experience from Ottawa, Ontario released their second record "721835" which I couldn't resist checking out because of all the gaming jargon surrounding it. I was happy and perhaps a little surprised to hear some ballsy guitar riffs and convincingly executed songs on it and here we are in 2016 and they are doing it again.

"Unsaved Progress" has been surrounded with an 80's vibe in its neon artwork and accompanying collectible cards and it features a better production than last time even though there are no obvious synths in sight despite what you might think by checking out the cover. The big, classic rock riffs make their appearance instantly as the opener "SOFINe" kicks in the door with cheeky chemical-referencing lyrics, white-hot vocals, and a solid guitar hook as well as an energetic solo that soon makes its appearance. It's one of the better bangers on the record although perhaps also one of the simpler ones.

The band is good at varying rhythms and riffs so the verses never get boring or too predictable but overall the songs mostly remain simple, high-octane rock anthems and really catchy ones at that. They are filled with good choruses like the soaring one in the Destiny-themed "The Glimmer Shot" or the delicious downward slope of notes making up the one in "See You Soon". The slow, headbang-inviting darkness of "Death of Lucidity" also makes for a nice highlight on the album, as well as their heavy cover of the cult classic "Godzilla" by Blue Öyster Cult.

The band seems to have upped their songwriting game a little bit this time but they still have some weird experiments around the record, like the unusual jumps and shifts in both the melody and rhythm on "Weakened Warriors" or the sudden funkiness in "Exposure Exposure". While I appreciate the fact that they're there and that they shake up the more simple rock structures, they aren't always implemented 100% convincingly and thus the album doesn't run as smoothly as I could have wished. That being said, this is an insanely infectious bunch of songs and if you're into some solid rock guitar and/or nerdy references, this is a band that you should definitely check out.

Download: SOFINe, Death of Lucidity, See You Soon
For The Fans Of: Tigress, He Is Legend, Queens of the Stone Age

Release date 08.04.2016
Colfax Music

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