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Buffalo Thunder EP

Written by: BV on 20/12/2016 18:05:39

I remember my first impression of Danish band The Love Coffin being of a rather ambivalent kind. At first glance, it was kind of easy to hear potential in the music, stemming from what I presume is a quite large array of different inspirations. Sonically speaking, the band utilized many different sounds you seldom hear anymore and mixed them with more conventional ’rock’ stylings. On the other hand I never really felt that raw potential was being used and honed as much as it actually could. However, now the band has returned with their second EP “Buffalo Thunder” and my hopes are actually fairly high.

With “New Morning Light”, the first of a mere six tracks, we are introduced to a mild opening cacophony which, in turn, only reveals a genuinely focused and quite spectacular track. By making use of relatively standardized song structures and blending these with some fairly off-the-wall sounds and their trademark sense of impending doom surrounding virtually everything they do, you’ve got a killer of a track. Something you’d put on and start over several times in a row because you feel that excited about it. “Never Knew Your Name” competently follows up on this, albeit not in the same strikingly powerful fashion. It could actually just be the initial rush that’s beginning to wear off, but nonetheless it is a track capable of keeping the overall vibe going in a rewarding manner.

“Before the Rain” is an interesting track which melds a skewed pop-song with some truly borderline-cacophonic musical outbursts. It doesn’t possess the same kind of accessibility as the preceding tracks, but it remains fairly interesting due to its highly compromising and near-volatile nature – all neatly packed in what I’d call a very, very warped idea of the classic ‘pop-song’ structure mixed with a bit of post-punk. “Sound of Warning”, the EP’s closing track, is fairly reminiscent of Bloodflowers-era The Cure – particularly when comparing it to a track like “The Last Day of Summer” which features many quite similar musical themes as well as the same brooding, melancholic atmosphere. Due to this likeness, it doesn’t really come off all that original but it’s still an excellent track nonetheless – quite possibly even a highlight of the EP.

Where “Veranda” had me doubting whether or not The Love Coffin could tap into their innate potential, “Buffalo Thunder” reels in my doubt and replaces it with a sense of comfort. Of course they can deliver on their potential and I honestly think they’re just getting warmed up. In a time where some of the heavy-hitters on Flammekaster Records’ roster have called it a day, it’s nice to see they still have acts like The Love Coffin hanging around.

Download: New Morning Light, Sound of Morning, Never Knew Your Name
For The Fans Of: The Cure, Shiny Darkly, The Road to Suicide

Release date 03.10.2016
Flammekaster Records

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