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Written by: KS on 07/09/2005 16:36:21

Yesterdays Rising has previously released 2 EP's, of which I found the first to be the best by far, so I was a bit anxious that they would go the same way as their second EP. You can't really say they have. Instead, they've hit somewhere in between, which isn't that bad. So, this is their first full lenght and it's called 'Lightworker'. The songs are really agressive, with lots of screaming, fast drumming and heavy guitars. There is also a lot of clean singing and this is where I think that Yesterdays Rising is at their weakest. Their lead vocalist simply doesn't sing very well. Although this can sometimes be good - I like quite a few bands where the singer can't actually sing - but here it just doesn't work for me. He's stressing his voice far too much and after a while it becomes very irritating. His screaming is excellent though, not a thing to complain about that. Like many other bands Yesterdays Rising has a nearly acoustic song somewhere at the end - it's the second to last song - and like I've said before I don't know why most bands do this. Fortunately the song called 'My Conscious Curiosity' isn't half bad, so I'll live through it being, in my opinion, a misplaced song on this album.

All in all it's a decent emocore album, but I'm not really impressed. There are some good songs, but most of them just go in one ear and out from the other. This album is soon to be forgotten and that's a bit sad when they started out so good with their first EP.


Download: Lightworker, I Am Fortunate To Know
For the fans of:Scary Kids Scaring Kids, From Autumn To Ashes

Release date 12.7.2005
Fearless Records

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