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Bicycle Thieves EP

Written by: PP on 02/12/2016 00:31:06

Namedropping bands like Dillinger Four and Jawbreaker in the press release is sure to arouse the interest of any punk rock reviewer, but especially those fond of the gruff, unpolished roars of Gainesville and Midwestern punk bands are practically lusting after bands like Bicycle Thieves. Hailing from Cardiff, UK, their four-track debut EP encompasses precisely the sort of unpolished, rough-around-the-edges instrumentation and honesty-driven, down-to-earth coarse croons that push all the right buttons for someone into bands like Hot Water Music, Leatherface, or Jawbreaker for that matter.

Driven by their roughened, smoke-laden vocals, Bicycle Thieves don't necessarily do much most of their American brethren playing FEST each year don't already do. Most songs are fast, noisy and drenched in Midwestern punk style nostalgia-meets-optimism, the exception being "Everything Is Not OK" which sports guitars that could've easily been on a turn of the century Blink 182 album, just with throaty vocals instead. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just rather different from the rest of the album that follows along the lines of Homelife, North Lincoln, Paper Arms, The Marine Electric and other equally tiny, but likewise excellent bands purveying the Midwestern punk soundscape. Of these songs I'd particularly highlight the nostalgic "We'll Be The Ones (You're Afraid To Be)", which gets the instrumental and vocal landscape just right when it comes to that genre.

What that also means, however, is that Bicycle Thieves is the sort of band that will appeal to the genre enthusiasts. The four-track EP is a good start, but it's clear this is very much at an early stage that needs a better production and a more prominent vocal delivery before they'll have a chance against the big boys in the league. Still, the honesty and attitude are in the right place, and the melodies suggest we ought to watch this UK band develop closely. If anything, they'll fulfill your daily fix of coarse vocals North Lincoln style.

Download: Everything Is Not OK, We'll Be The Ones (You're Afraid To Be)
For the fans of: Leatherface, Dillinger Four, Jawbreaker, North Lincoln
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Release date 29.04.2016
No Panic Records

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