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Hailing from Manchester, United Kingdom, alt-rock quartet Tirade has been making quite a stir of late, after touring the country with the likes of We Are Carnivores. Songs from the band’s new self-titled EP have also been championed by Kerrang Radio’s Alex Baker and Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft in the build up to the release.

What you can expect from Tirade is a vast collection of catchy hooks and infectious melodies. Opening track, “Snakes and Social Ladders”, sets the standard early with sing-along-styled choruses layered on top of captivating rhythms, with a vibe somewhere between pop-punk and punchy alternative rock. The vocal tones are incredibly chirpy, yet the musicianship occasionally throws huge distorted riffs, showing off Tirade’s aggressive nature to rock out to. “Punch?” then ups the ante, with a more urgent tempo and delivery: the riffs and beats hit harder, yet the vocal melodies are even catchier than in the opening track. It’s a track that pushes each element further, offering more sing-alongs, yet also more chances to get lively. “Knives in Your Eyes” then significantly drops the tempo, whilst also laying down heavier riffs throughout. The alternative rock side is at its strongest here, and it’s a nice moment to get a grip on the variety of influences that shape Tirade.

The highlight of the EP is easily “We’re Having Fun”, the name of which says it all. It’s a fairly joyful song with “whoa” chants and more infectious sing-along moments that you just can’t help but join in. At this point, the vocal melodies are what has been the constant factor that pricks your ears. With each song, the singing is what truly shines. “Travel Agent for Guilt Trips” is another high-tempo number with erratic riffs and a bag load of energy, mostly notable in the drum technique. But again, it’s the choruses that grab your attention first. The final track, “The World Isn't On Your Side”, unleashes a more experimental facet of Tirade; the four piece gets a bit progressive in the verse, as well as delivering a barrage of the EP’s heaviest breakdowns in the bridge. Although once again the choruses are extremely appealing to the ears, from the final track alone I notice the potential to break from the all-out radio friendly hooks that dominate the EP.

It’s clear that this EP is designed for radioplay, as each song pushes catchiness to the forefront. But the heavy hooks -work reminds me of Ash back in the early to mid-‘00s, with the ability to produce memorable hooks and still unleash hard-hitting riffage. I’d just like to see how heavy Tirade can push themselves without losing that infectious side to them. I feel that the Manchester-born band can go to even further extremes to really capitalise on their influences. Be catchier, be heavier — because at the moment, it’s really good, but could even be great.


Download: We're Having Fun, The World Isn't On Your Side, Punch?
For the fans of: Ash, Lower Than Atlantis, Don Broco
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Release date 25.11.2016

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