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No Light EP

Written by: PP on 11/11/2016 18:56:09

No Light is a brand new alternative rock outfit from Copenhagen, featuring members of cult screamo band Lack, hardcore fueled rock'n'rollers Marvin's Revolt, and indie rockers The Fashion. Their self-titled, four-track debut EP is significantly different from their background stylistically, situated somewhere between the melancholic and noisy realms of early to mid-90s alternative rock scene.

With plenty of audible influence from the likes of The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr and Hüsker Dü, No Light's soundscape is characterized by guitar-driven nostalgia. Buzzing melodies and crooned vocals roam in a spacey soundscape that allows the vocals and the instruments to expand freely, creating an echoing effect in the process. If that sounds at all familiar, it's because we've been pushing Beach Slang as the main purveyors of this soundscape for quite some time now. In comparison, No Light aren't quite as anthemic and lack the punk undertones, but otherwise find themselves in similar Replacements/Dinosaur Jr appraisal.

With a fairly rough DIY style production, their soundscape is extra noisy, but with vibrant guitar melodies and plenty of melancholic atmosphere, they create an energetic soundscape anyway. It's not quite as cheerful as, say, Dinosaur Jr's melody overdrive, occasionally even reaching into gloomy territory given the lower range vocals by Jakob Printzlau, but with tracks like "All Seeing Light" or "Promises", they have tapped into a sound that just works so effortlessly. While it still needs some work, "No Light" EP is a promising start, and fills the existing void of melancholic 90s sounding alternative rock in Denmark nicely.


Download: Birth Control, Promises, All Seeing Light
For the fans of: Beach Slang, The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr, Hüsker Dü
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Release date 05.08.2016

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