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The Swedish collective known as Lejonsläktet are fairly new on the scene. I feel lucky as I have previously seen the band play live at Copenhagen Psych Fest – an experience which was definitely well worth it, in spite of the venue lacking seriously in sound, ultimately at the loss of the band. I left Copenhagen Psych Fest with a copy of the band’s self-titled debut album and have just now gotten around to actually writing about it – sorry about that. When I refer to the band as a collective it is actually in all seriousness. A brief look at their Facebook-page lists a total of 12 different members spread out across the studio-collective and the live band, it would seem. This fits quite well within the world they’re seemingly building around their music by calling it a spiritual experience.

It does sound like a trance or ritual at times. One example could be the brilliantly relaxing “Skogsvandringar” which has more or less been my go-to soundtrack for trips to the forest throughout the late summer and early autumn this year. The hushed vocals and the repetitive melody are both easy to get lost in and once the peak of “Skogsvandringar” has reared its head and finished the track, you’ll most likely have lost track of when and where you are, if you are fully willing to and capable of letting yourself go. “Illa Grönt” continues along that musical trail with an added sense of drama as it climaxes in a rather epic fashion halfway through the track. It sounds delightfully lazy and grandiose at the same time – a feat that is rather unique and one I’d mostly associate with a band like Dungen; thus giving you a solid idea of where their inspiration could possibly stem from.

“Väderkvarn” is a delightful, swirly take on folksy pop-song. The signature hushed vocals and the hypnotic bass make up the foundation of the track whilst the dizzying synth creates the melody-line you’ll have stuck in your mind for days on end once this album gets under your skin. With the addition of a mildly cacophonic guitar solo to counterpart the tranquil vibes of the song in general, “Väderkvarn” succeeds in transcending the limitations laid upon a folksy pop song. Great melodies and a slight sense of cacophony aren’t all that far from each other after all. “Ett Svagt Hopp Om” shares a vague familiarity with the intro-hook from Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White”- I say vague because it doesn’t really matter, seeing as the song itself transforms into yet another oddly tranquil, but still rather energetic track. It is essentially the sound of either early spring or late summer – a soundtrack to wandering around in the forest and observing the slight changes accompanying the changing seasons.

“Du Är, Jag Är, Vi Är” is an amazing album-closer. Fueled by a mantra-like chanting vocal and ambient synth sounds at first, the track unfolds to become a progressive-rock tinged 8-minute epic in a dragging tempo. Everyone can join in on this and if you’re not feeling at least a little blissful after the track eventually climaxes, curls up and ultimately dissolves, you must really not be into this kind of music. Because for what it is, “Du Är, Jag Är, Vi Är” is a masterful track and one I hope sets the tone for the future of Lejonsläktet. This is indeed a very promising debut.

Download: Väderkvarn, Skogsvandringar; Du Är, Jag Är, Vi Är
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Release date 10.06.2016

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