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After experimenting with video game background music on 2014's "Chronology", which didn't quite work as a standalone product, Stöj Snak alias Niels Sørensen is back doing what he does best: screaming his lungs out over a medley of folk punk instrumentation ranging from the banjo to acoustic guitars on new EP "Happitalism". The original EP is a three-song teaser for a full-length that was released later during the same year, but my copy came with two additional tracks, "Privacy Is A Crime" (single from the full-length) and the folksy piece "Old Friends And Irish Coffee" for some reason. Either way, the record is once again a reminder that Stöj Snak counts among the most original and interesting twists on folk punk as a genre, thus rightly earning its own genre moniker, screamer-songwriter.

If we look back at his 2012 debut album "Planned Obsolescence Redux", "Happitalism" is largely a continuation of the elements that worked so well on that record as well as on subsequent EPs "Songs About Beliefs" and "Fuck". Folksy, laid back acoustic melodies like on "Old Friends And Irish Coffee" are contrasted with strained vocals and near-screams; the riveting tempo and reckless shredding of the acoustic guitar on "Privacy Is A Crime" is a sound to be heard, especially considering Sørensen's intelligent socio-political lyricism that comments on the increasing lack of privacy contrasted against capitalism and greed. "Happitalism" is therefore not only a clever wordplay on capitalism but also a statement of sorts, as is the acoustic folk punk piece "CopyWrong" that fiercely criticizes the rights system much in the same manner as Larica did on their gypsy punk classic "Copyleft". Common to both is a middle finger to the system but also an intellectual, almost analytical approach to the constructs that flaw our society. Think Greg Graffin from Bad Religion in terms of the thought that has gone into the concepts behind Stöj Snak songs.

But other than being angrily shouted and screamed lyrics atop an acoustic, folksy platform, Stöj Snak has always had something more going on for them: the songs are just infectiously catchy. The scratchy croons and the noise soundscapes are always matched with memorable melodies, of which title track "Happitalism" is indeed a great example. Together with the other material on his admittedly short EP, Stöj Snak remains one of the must-hears in the Danish music scene that deserves to be heard.

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Release date 26.02.2016

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