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On its surface, Holy Pinto's debut album "Congratulations" appears minimalistic and lacking in longevity. Subsequent listens to the Canterbury, UK duo's record reveals a delightful indie-flavored pop punk listen with depth-laden soundscapes that are rich in detail as long you allow enough time to let them grow on you. With celebrated groups like The Menzingers and The Weakerthans as obvious influences, "Congratulations" balances a hair-thin line between singer-songwriter style, emo revivalist wailing and upbeat pop punk melodies with plenty of emotional charge attached.

Take album highlight "Hospital Room", for instance. It's a maddeningly catchy indie punk track, characterized by its light guitars and mellow, laid back vocals that nonetheless have a strong, memorable impact. As a subtle, but effective addition, organ synths feature on the background drawing parallels to the likes of The Hold Steady and Attack In Black, but most importantly, they bring much-needed detail and contrast to the otherwise relaxed expression. On the other hand, tracks like "Floripa" are fast-paced reaching deep into the pop punk realm, resulting in more catchy sing-along style material, yet they are contrasted with depth-laden soundscapes like "Mexico", which should make most Bayside fans feel right at home given its up-then-down vocal melodies. Same with "Flowers (With Hospital Pt 2)".

Throughout "Congratulations", the melancholy of emo revival is constantly juxtaposed against cheerful, indie-flavored pop punk, resulting in a record that feels part singer-songwriter, part emo, part indie, and part punk, taking the best from each genre to arrive at a convincing hybrid expression. "Tooth" is another great example given its light, minimalistic instrumentation, and casual tempo, yet its vengeful "So get that in your head, that you'll get what you deserve / I have no doubt that you'll get what you deserve " repeated lyrics are powerful and memorable from first listen. Such moments are scattered throughout the record. While the vocals may need a little more charisma to compete with undisputable genre champions The Menzingers, "Congratulations" is a damn fine debut effort and one that suggests the next Holy Pinto album has potential to become a scene favorite. For now, if indie-flavored punk/emo's your thing, it is one of the better records to have come out of the genre this year.

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For the fans of: The Menzingers, The Weakerthans, Attack In Black, Bayside
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Release date 08.04.2016
Soft Speak Records

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