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The Lamplighters are an upbeat, no-frills punk rock band from Köthen, Germany, who have been around since 2009, releasing a number of EPs and a debut album to a small, primarily local audience. Sophomore album "Views" is a step up in ambition and a hope to reach a national, perhaps even an international audience, thanks to a rowdy, unpolished punk rock expression that draws notable parallels to bands like Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot, the old Red City Radio material and many others of their kin.

We're talking melodically ringing guitars, scratchy vocals, and infectiously catchy melodies that together with upbeat rhythms ensure a fun listening session for any fans of the no-frills punk genre. It's simplistic and straight to the point, yet features enough layers of melodic guitars, an energetic tempo, and memorable vocals to keep things interesting. And although the shout-out charge of Off With Their Heads is the closest equivalent sonically, there are moments, such as "Basement" or "I Don't Like You", where the skate punk style of Teenage Bottlerocket takes over in terms of influence.

The edgy production and scratchy vocals ensure the expression has just the right amount of grit to it, whilst pop punk style choruses permeate the soundscape otherwise. So the punk credentials are certainly in order. In terms of songwriting, "Views" might not be quite up there with the aforementioned bands, as demonstrated by songs like "Out Of Control" which is merely decent, but lacks consistency compared to "Burden" or "Here And There", for instance. Still, The Lamplighters carry the no-frills pop punk torch with pride and deliver an altogether enjoyable record despite its shortcomings.

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For the fans of: Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot, The Holy Mess, The Slow Death, Teenage Bottlerocket, Red City Radio
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Release date 26.12.2016
No Panic! Records

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