Don't Tread On Me

Written by: PP on 31/08/2005 18:56:26

During the mid/late 90s, 311 reigned the mainstream rock scene with their critically acclaimed albums "Music", "Transistor", and "The Blue Album". Some considered them nu-metal, some considered them reggae, others simply classed them as 'beach party' band. The latter is also true about "Don't Tread On Me", you can almost feel the summer breeze blowing gently against your face, while having an image of being in Hawaii in your mind.

...And then there was "From Chaos", a slightly disappointing album in comparison to their old albums. However, songs like "Amber" and "You Wouldn't Believe" showcased that while the band had changed their sound, they still possessed their old talent for beautiful harmonies. Fans weren't happy though, and by the lackluster 2003 album "Evolver" the band was losing reputation faster than Faroe Islands losing hope against Brazil in Football. Consequently, "Don't Tread On Me" is the moment of truth for the band.

And unfortunately, it just doesn't do it. "Long For The Flowers" and the plain ridiculous "Getting Through To Her" ruin the else promising songs "Thank Your Lucky Stars", "Whisky And Wine", and "Waiting", which hint towards the past greatness of the band. Nearly every song on the album is lacking the most important element that made their early albums so great: the songs just aren't fun to listen to. After going through the album nearly 10 times, the only songs that stand out are the ones I named before. The overall feeling "Don't Tread On Me" provides is a dull, "was this it?"-kind of feeling instead of the warm aloha the old albums expressed.

I know you aren't supposed to compare a new album to the band's earlier work too much, but with 311 it's almost compulsory. My guess is, that this is the last we'll see of this band for a while.


Download: Thank Your Lucky Stars, Whisky And Wine
For the fans of: Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Release date 16.08.2005

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