The Fall Of Troy


Written by: PP on 27/08/2005 04:47:23

I was really, really close of giving up hope forever of hearing something completely unique from a new band in 2005. I remember it like my first date, when I first listened to the likes of At The Drive-In or The Mars Volta, and how astonished I was over the originality and uniqueness of their sound. I remember like it was yesterday, how I fell in love with them because of those two facts. No doubt there are loads of bands these days that sound different from each other, but essentially, they don't bring anything new into the rather tired modern scene. The new music isn't groundbreaking, it isn't something that will inspire future bands, or that will be sampled in years to come. But then I got a hold of "Doppelgänger" by The Fall Of Troy, and I was redeemed.

Quite frankly, I have never heard anything like The Fall Of Troy. From the very moment you press play, and hear the opening lines of "I Just Got This Symphony Goin'?", your jaw drops and stays down until the finishing notes of "Macaulay McCulkin". Did you think At The Drive-In's songs were chaotic? Think again, because they sound as chaotic as the blueprints of a mud hut in comparison to the blueprint of the human genome, after hearing The Fall Of Troy. Who would've ever thought it was possible to create a genre called Progressive Screamo?

How to describe the singing? Think of The Blood Brothers' screamo, mix it with Cedric Bixler's vocals from ATD-I, add a tad bit of the prog elements from The Mars Volta, take some of the harmonies from 30 Seconds To Mars, and you're so close, but yet so far away. And don't even get me started on the guitar lines. Riffs? Forget about riffs. It's not possible to hear a portion longer than 15 seconds where the guitar or bass would repeat itself. The entire album is one complex guitar/bass line complemented with a maniac on the drums. To simplify: it sounds like chaos. But chaos or no chaos, it sounds frigging awesome. If you're looking for something truly different from absolutely everything you've ever heard before, then The Fall Of Troy is for you. If you're not open minded, prepare to have your understanding of chaos to be teared apart.


Download: Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles, Tom Waits
For the fans of: The Mars Volta, The Blood Brothers, At The Drive-In

Release date 16.08.2005
Equal Vision records

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