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In Our Bones

Written by: PP on 10/09/2016 00:41:14

Against The Current is a pop rock name that you've probably heard about in recent years, having released records in rapid succession and spent a considerable amount of time on tour in the process. Their snowballing popularity is almost exclusively attributable to the attitude-driven, high-energy performance of their female vocalist Christina Costanza, because musically, the band have pretty much nothing of interest on offer beyond shallow pop melodies on their debut album "In Our Bones".

Album opener "Running With The Wild Things" is a perfect example. Shamelessly copycatting the grrrl power element of the likes of Paramore and Hey Monday, it lulls the listener into a fake comfort zone where you'll be inclined to think we might in the same female-fronted pop punk territory as Paramore's breakthrough album "Riot!". Nope, that's too much to ask for. Instead, "Forget Me Now" follows with a sound that could basically constitute of the textbook of everything that's wrong with modern pop music. Shallow electro pop, terrible lyrics about nothing in particular, and an all too obviously radio-friendly chorus that's designed to hook in people to whom music is just a form of background entertainment while they're doing something else. "Chasing Ghosts" is a pop track that could easily be on a Miley Cyrus record, which means it's dime-a-dozen pop that qualifies as mainstream filler and should not be of interest for any serious music fans, not least readers of this magazine.

However, every now and then Against The Current jump back into (albeit extremely poppy) pop punk territory. "One More Weekend", for instance, is no different than what The Maine could've written in their early days, minus the electro keyboards of course. "Young & Relentless" likewise. But in between each of the acceptable tracks, the band engage in worthless pop filler that might appeal to 14-year-old girls in the midst of their rebellious puberty, but as an adult listening to Against The Current, I have to sigh and just call it for what it is: mediocre. And look, nobody's doubting the singer's talent. She's obviously a good singer - but that doesn't mean the songs are necessarily good or memorable songs. This record, like the band, will be forgotten in two years tops.


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Release date 20.05.2016
Fueled By Ramen

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