Tired Of Tomorrow

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Shoegaze band Nothing were one of the first signings in Relapse Records' new strategy of expanding out of an oft-experimental metal base into other genres as well. Sounding like Title Fight's "Head In The Ceiling Fan" for an entire record, the debut album "Guilty Of Everything" was a soothing, relaxing listen that nonetheless left a lasting memory through its gradually built, atmospheric soundscapes that were complemented by the faded back vocals.

For their second album "Tired Of Tomorrow", Nothing continue to approach the genre from the same perspective. Focusing entirely on expansive, echoing soundscapes, their expression has arguably become slightly more ambitious, but at the same time less memorable on first listen. It's still slow and feather-like, as shown by "Fever Queen" or "The Dead Are Dumb", but can also be a little louder and more 90s alternative rock like, as the Foo Fighters inspired "Vertigo Flowers" will tell you. Here, the band are particularly successful in mixing together inspiration from Title Fight's "Floral Green" with their own shoegaze style. "ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)" follows exactly the same formula: faded back vocals, expansive soundscapes, heavy use of echoing effect and background ambiance, brought by soothing guitar melodies that circle the atmosphere far around their vocalist.

It's an interesting effect and one used heavily throughout the record, but it quickly becomes samey. Where debut album "Guilty Of Everything" was a unique sounding album, "Tired Of Tomorrow" no longer has the novelty factor in its favor. The result is an album that's still a light, enjoyable listen, but won't be dominating end-of-year charts like its predecessor did. The reason for that is simple: it's simply not as memorable.

Download: Fever Queen, The Dead Are Dumb, ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
For the fans of: Torche, Title Fight, My Bloody Valentine, Jesu
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Release date 13.06.2016

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