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Entranced Earth

Written by: BV on 11/08/2016 17:59:33

Way back in 2008 a band from Tucson, Arizona released an album titled “Burning Circles in the Sky”. At the time, the impact of the album seemed rather limited but over time it has grown via word of mouth and strange internet exposure – leading it to be a favored and rather desirable piece of music. Given time, The Myrrors slowly began releasing more music with “Arena Negra” and just last year, they toured Europe with relatively great success – effectively blowing my mind when I saw them live for the first time ever, at the Copenhagen Psych Fest Winter Edition. What we have here, however, is the newest output from The Myrrors; a rather long LP aptly titled “Entranced Earth”.

Like much of their other material, “Entranced Earth” features lengthy improvised jams constructed to fit the album format, often following a thematic pattern from which the soundscapes can fully unfold. There’s an obvious desert-vibe going on throughout the album – desert-vibe in the sense that everything is rather spacious and, well, desolate sounding until the build-ups eventually come around and tear your ears apart in the best way possible. Opening track “Mountain Mourning” is an ominous drone which slowly segues into “Liberty Is In the Street” – acting as a build-up towards the almost climactic beginnings of “Liberty Is In the Street”. You can hear the many sounds that make up The Myrrors’ soundscape. This isn’t merely the ‘two guitars, a bass and a drummer’ kind of setup, rather that would be the opening platform for adding tons of sounds wherever they might be deemed fitting. Some sounds are unrecognizable, others sound like twisted versions of what most would already have some knowledge of. Whatever the case may be, it is this wide range of sounds that makes The Myrrors as entrancing as they can be when they’re at their peak.

“No Clear Light” is a hypnotic sort of mantra you can have running in your head for days on end if you’re susceptible to mesmerizing drones, but offers little more than that, and serves as a chilled out interlude before another lengthy barrage in the form of the album’s title track. This is where most of the album kind of spins out of control for me, personally. Whilst I was able to listen to “Burning Circles in the Sky” for hours on end, often finding myself restarting the album for another listen, I don’t quite find the same value of repetitiveness in “Entranced Earth”. Sure, the drones are nice and chaotic, the jams are in some ways transcendent and yes, that first time you put it on, tumble into your couch and drift away is magical – but like many other magical things, it works best the first time, whilst the repeated listens tend to dilute it all a bit.

While I can certainly always enjoy the music made by The Myrrors, I find it hard not to compare “Entranced Earth” to “Burning Circles in the Sky” – and in that sense, “Entranced Earth” isn’t nearly as entrancing as one could hope for. It is still solid as hell though and will no doubt garner praise elsewhere regardless of my humble opinion.

Download: Liberty is in the Street, Surem Dervish
For The Fans Of: Sungod, Hills, Eternal Tapestry

Release date 27.05.2016
Beyond Beyond is Beyond

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