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Written by: PP on 03/08/2016 23:33:49

Although it did not garner as much attention as the high-profile names within electronically infused metalcore, the debut album "Chrysalis" by It Lies Within was a surprisingly well-executed and balanced album in the genre. Though not exactly original, it delivered its electronic effects and chug-chug breakdowns in altogether enjoyable fashion and without the unnecessary overdramatics and over-the-top performance like their peers in Attack Attack! or Asking Alexandria in particular. It was never going to cut it to follow-up with an identical record, however, so it's refreshing to hear It Lies Within adjust their soundscape ever so slightly and display improved craftsmanship both in terms of raw songwriting but also in terms of their instrumental ability.

Rather than relying on constant one chord breakdowns rescued only through catchy electronics, they've focused far more on writing slick riffs and memorable guitar dynamics on sophomore album "Paramount". Though your standard fare thick metalcore screams are used frequently, the record is characterized by the infectiously catchy, high-pitch clean vocals that lead most choruses toward an emo/post-hardcore expression instead. With the electronics being used in more subtle fashion as an additive to the soundscape, the improved riffage combined with hair-raising, strained vocal melodies on "Starscream" or "Light The Way" bring forth a well-rounded expression that suggests It Lies Within would've been absolutely monumental had they come around a decade ago or so. In 2016, their sound, unfortunately, sounds a little too sterile and by-the-books metalcore to stand out, despite its EDM-influenced backing symphonies.

Still, the post-hardcore leaning means not all hope is lost. The vocal hooks are great in the vast majority of the songs, providing a classic clean/scream dynamic that's played out as if not a day has passed since metalcore's popularity heights ten years ago. Are the dance electronics enough to excite this generation into by-the-books metalcore the same way As I Lay Dying did with their sublime riffs, or how Attack Attack! did with their outrageous keyboards? I doubt it, but it's a damn shame because, despite its flaws, "Paramount" is a solid metalcore album through and through.


Download: Starscream, Light The Way, Reap What You Sow
For the fans of: I See Stars, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, The Word Alive
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Release date 08.01.2016
Luxor Records

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