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Sleep of Reason

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Last we heard of Copenhagen's Dear Delusion was in 2013 when their debut album "Imprisonment" introduced the band as a 90s styled rock band with influence from Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and Nirvana, resulting in a grungy alternative rock sound that was decent, but not particularly memorable in the long term (try name a song from that album today. See?). Understandably, for "Sleep Of Reason" they've chosen a different approach and have evolved their expression into a much heavier direction.

Where the first record looked towards Seattle for inspiration, "Sleep Of Reason" sources its influence from alternative metal. Swedish colleagues in Korea are an excellent comparison, but so are veterans of alternative metal Chevelle and Taproot overseas, and of course the melancholic melodies of Deftones are omnipresent in undertone form throughout the record. A song like "Righteous Man", for instance, echoes Taproot's heavy nu-metal riffage juxtaposed with clean vocal melodies, but on album highlight "Facing Tensions" the band really pulls through into their own. A slower song with a lengthy melancholic introduction, the softly sung verses act as a perfect contrast to the semi-screamed "You've spent a lifetime...praying for a better day..." chorus that is as back-chilling as it is majestic in its soundscape. It is the best song Dear Delusion have written to date and one that unfortunately ends up overshadowing nearly all other material on the record.

Why? The answer is simple. While "Scapegoat" and the aforementioned "Righteous Man" are all good alternative metal songs that should make any Chevelle / Taproot / Islander / Deftones fan happy, they lack the longevity and hair-raising factor of the album's centerpiece. More worryingly, others still are anonymous and feel like filler tracks, despite holding the red thread of the thick alternative metal expression alive throughout the album. That being said, "Sleep Of Reason" is absolutely a step in the right direction. "Facing Tensions" displays raw songwriting talent at its best, and if the other songs on the record are any indication, the next one will be their true breakthrough album. For now, it still suffers from inconsistency.


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For the fans of: Korea, Deftones, Chevelle, Taproot, Islander
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Release date 15.01.2016
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