The Barefoot Fairies EP

Written by: PP on 07/11/2007 03:22:50

On top of all the new material that keeps crowding our mailbox almost on a daily basis these days, we occasionally get sent records from the old days, usually by small, unheard of bands trying to build a career, who wish to get as much promotion for their musical career as possible. These kind of acts, like the all female rock band Sheeduz, all tend to follow the same thought pattern: even negative publicity is good publicity. Nevertheless, the purpose of this very site has since its inception always been to act as a platform for the smaller bands to raise awareness of their music, on top of all the larger acts we review from time to time.

As such, I'm happy to be reviewing "The Barefoot Fairies" EP, recorded almost four years ago. But at the same time, I would be lying if it was something I enjoyed listening to, even if I did try to give it shocking amounts of time to grow on me. While I generally try to encourage all girls bands to blossom like flowers in the spring, there's just something about the Courtney Love style feminist angst vibe that soooo many female bands have that just doesn't do it for me, especially because of the garage like production that makes the songs sound all grungy.

Granted, "The Barefoot Diaries" is merely a self-produced demo - its motivation could have been just to see if they are able to record and produce five songs. If that's the case, fair enough. But because it was sent to us for a review, the band must feel pretty strongly about it, unless the negative publicity point I raised earlier comes into question.

I do realize I've spent an awful lot of time talking about the band and its motivations, and far too little time to talk about the actual music. But fear not, there's a reason for that too, and that reason is because there isn't much to say about the band. The guitars are low tuned with plenty of distortion, and the vocalist is able to sing both silky passages as well as borderline yell from time to time. But other than that, there isn't much to it. The whole record is pretty straightforward garage rock with the occasional classical piano backing, and none of the songs are bound to make you think "hey, I kind of like this". As such, it's difficult to reward it with a high grade.


Download: The Queen's Prayer
For the fans of: Courtney Love, No Recess, Nirvana
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Release date 01.08.2004

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