Eat Defeat

Time And Tide EP

Written by: MAK on 27/07/2016 17:10:38

Eat Defeat comprises four lads from Leeds in the United Kingdom. They share a love for delivering fast-paced skate punk songs blended with upbeat pop-punk melodies, creating a high-energy atmosphere. The band formed in 2010 as a continuation of then-defunct British ska-core band Kickback. Over time, members lost their taste for those ska influences and instead became more enamoured by the growing wave of melodic punk rock bands. Having come together from various DIY punk scenes in the country, the band has spent the past five years touring the United Kingdom and mainland Europe to firmly establish themselves as a solid and exciting live band.

In the current state of pop-punk, it is pointless talking about whether a band is original with their sound or not, because that’s pretty rare — everyone is borrowing some kind of technique from another band. A unique aspect to Eat Defeat is the accent. If it wasn’t for the noticeable Yorkshire voice that floods each song, you’d probably mistake the band for yet another generic pop-punk act determined to make it onto the Warped Tour.

"Time and Tide" starts with “DIYTanic”, wordplay for a topic about how the DIY scene can sometimes feel like a sinking ship, much like the Titanic. Musically, the song is fast-paced and fun, with the skate punk angst and energy mashed with the joyfulness of pop-punk combining sublimely. “Shortcuts” delivers the recognisable, bouncy style of riff we’ve heard from the likes of ROAM and As It Is before, but then the fast and aggressive drums kick in to change the atmosphere. The Jekyll and Hyde personalities of the song are apparent, with the mood shifting from a punchy verse to a catchy chorus with hooking vocal melodies deftly. “Make or Break” then gives the listener a breather as the tempo is the slowest the EP has to offer. It should, however, be noted that this isn’t the typical slow, acoustic song that most pop-punk bands feel obligated to write. The track remains an uplifting pop-punk hit with catchy vocals and some appealing guitar rhythms — it’s just not as frantic or demanding for jumping around like the other songs, but rather a more of a chilled out singalong.

“The North Remembers”, a high tempo hit that emulates Four Year Strong’s fun side, and “Dead and Gone”, a song about being remembered when you’re dead, pair up at the end to close the EP off brilliantly. The positive atmosphere, catchy hooks and vocals in both make you want to dance about and sing along. They are the types of potential anthems that are so captivating they should be getting TV and radio play.

With this EP, Eat Defeat should be walking onto some pretty awesome tours in the foreseeable future; there is so much potential within the band that they should be performing with the elite - especially if they continue to write such enjoyable, positively charged songs. While these tracks don't have the heaviness of easycore, the skate punk-element keeps the overly poppy side at bay against cheesiness. Eat Defeat pulls off that balance of angst and joyfulness phenomenally.


Download: The North Remembers, Dead and Gone, Shortcuts
For The Fans Of: ROAM, Four Year Strong, New Found Glory

Release date 10.06.2016
Umlaut Records

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