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Tight New Dimension

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"1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 4 Coors Meal", repeat for the remainder of the song. There's no simpler way to describe the third album "Tight New Dimension" by Portland, Oregon-based Mean Jeans than "4 Coors Meal", which essentially sums up the entire record in a single chorus. Simple, three chord pop punk characterized by an upbeat tone and spiced with tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted lyrics and song titles like "Are There Beers In Heaven?" or "Michael Jackson Was Tight". Catchy vocal hooks and simplistic, no-frills guitars with no bullshit added. Artistic vision and originality is a distant planet for these guys, but then again that has never been the point of straight up pop punk and is not the point here either.

Instead, Mean Jeans rely on tight guitars, instantly catchy choruses, and small tempo variations to deliver an enjoyable pop punk expression. From the slower and melancholic melodies of "Are There Beers In Heaven?" and "Trash Can" to the breakneck speed "Long Dumb Road" and the bright sing along anthem "Nite Vision", this record lives up to every stereotype about no-frills pop punk and doesn't spend a minute feeling bad about it. The whole idea is to have fun but to avoid the whole bro-style party punk most easycore bands go for, instead delivering a more subdued, "We're having beers at a friend's place but it's not quite a house party, wanna join us?" type of a vibe for the lack of a better expression.

The laid back vocals underline this together with the predictable, albeit head-boppable guitar riffs that echo part The Copyrights, part The Dopamines, and part Ramones in their simplicity. There are even hints of Direct Hit!'s raw form of pop punk present, though lacking the explosive edge and high-energy feel. Ultimately, that's the difference between a great album and a decent album. On "Tight New Dimension", Mean Jeans sound decent, but unfortunately not original or memorable enough to avoid drowning in a mass of like-minded no-frills pop punk bands.

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Release date 22.04.2016
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