Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times

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Southampton based quintet Moralist may have formed in 2015, but the melodic hardcore outfit has already unveiled their debut release, “Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times”. In a music scene that continues to flood with melodic hardcore, Moralist declares to produce something that is unique and genuinely creative. The test is to stand out against their peers and a lot of growing competition.

From an initial listen there is no doubt that Moralist ticks a majority of boxes that make the band stand out. The quintet unleashes a sound that fulfils a lot of desired musical factors of hardcore and metal along with the emotion. Moralist spills their thoughts and feelings from their heart and soul into their music, and you feel their sincere intensity right from the off.

The EP starts with clean, enticing guitar melodies in the opening to ‘Nevermore’ before it launches into a track that blends the intense, fast and aggressive side to Moralist with the emotional and slow side. Stu Croll’s vocals dominate the song with a ferocious coarseness as he switches between angst-ridden shouts and beastly roars. The guitars hook you in with the technicality of the lead melodies shining over the distorted grooves and crushing breakdowns.

The energy from the opener flows into the following tracks “Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times” and “Weatherman”. Both contain the mixed tempo element of unhinged high-paced onslaughts with slowed down segments. The delivery in combining both, working the tempo with the emotions is vital in making certain moments catch your attention. “Bound To Anchors” changes nothing as it uses a lot of the same factors, the EP has already showcased. What stands out are the ear-pricked gang vocals to make the final track feel a bit more epic.

Considering this is a debut release from a band that hasn’t been together very long, a lot of what I’m impressed with is the production of “Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times”. How the quintet has managed to deliver such a crisp sounding EP this early in their career is amazing. What does let the EP down is how most of the songs sound too similar. Individually great tracks with nice technicality and emotion, but four tracks in a row blend into sixteen minutes of the same thing. It’s not unique but there are some plus sides to take away from a decent debut.

Download: Nevermore, Bound To Anchors
For The Fans Of: Glass Harbour, While She Sleeps, The Ghost Inside

Release date 17.06.2016
Self Released

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