Ravnenes Saga

Written by: TL on 06/11/2007 01:41:18

If only all of you guys knew Danish.. New Danish folk metallers Svartsot have in their debut album "Ravnenes Saga" produced a cd that appeals only to veeeery few people (People minus People who don't speak Danish minus People who don't like metal minus People who are not into the whole folk influence = Precious few people I'm afraid). I guess this is a band that can honestly say they don't care about selling cd's huh?

Jokes aside, the music on the album deserves a review on par with every other so I'll quit babbling and get into it. When you put the cd on and listen to the opener "Gravøllet" (Funeral Beer) you're instantly met with a sound so sharp you could cut yourself on it. Guitars are crunchy in the way guitars should always be, drums command your attention from the first beat and soon some sort of pipes bring the medieval feeling into the picture. Rough growled vocal work joins the groove, ultimately stating what kind of music we're dealing with. Picture yourself donning your ring mail, your horned helmet and your battle axe, rounding up your mates and jumping into your longboat, setting off to plunder and ravage the coast of England while smashing large wooden cups of mead together in a manly fashion. Now imagine you could have a boomblaster aboard the longboat - Svartsot is the band you would wanna have coming out of it. If you don't get that description, head straight over to their Myspace page and listen to some of their stuff. They are the band that's playing in Valhalla in the evenings when the souls of the dead warriors have their feasts after a long day of battle.

Now this band has got a lot going for them in terms of doing something different from what pretty much everyone else is doing, and they're doing it in a very convincing fashion. There's something missing that would take their unique embodiment of the Viking spirit and make it relevant to the "ordinary" rock fan but if you dig the setting in advance and have no need for such a thing, there's nothing that should keep you from loving "Ravnenes Saga". It's very good for what it is, but unless you're in the target audience or just very open minded, it might not be interesting to you at all.


Download: Gravøllet, Jotunheimsfærden
For the fans of: Sailing the seas, killing your enemies, stealing their gold and ravaging their women.
Listen: MySpace

Release Date 05.11.07
Napalm Records
Provided by Target ApS

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