Lost Time

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"Lost Time" is the third album by the funky-named Seattle quartet Tacocat, which primarily consists of female members in their lineup, a refreshing feat in a male predominated industry. They play a quirky blend of surf, indie, and pop punk that's ideal for a summery day at the beach in the shade of a palm tree. It's a light, easily-absorbable sound that's characterized by its soothing vocals and retro punk guitars that channel the 70s greats into a slightly more modern format.

"I Love Seattle" is probably the best track on the album. It combines the summery feels with upbeat melodies and catchy vocals for an instant sing along, much like "I Hate The Weekend" that follows right after. The female vocals are light and slightly nerdy/awkward, much like Lemuria or even Chumped in places, which is a bonus because it gives the record its innocent and lighthearted feel. Comparisons to defunct Seattle pop punkers Fastbacks wouldn't be out of place either. They are never fragile, however, which gives a song like "Plan A, Plan B" its rebellious punk vibe, underlining the punk community accepted fact that girls can kick ass, too. This ethos is also reflected in their lyricism, which tackles feminist topics through sarcasm and humor, in line with the band's riot grrrl influences. Let's just say they're a perfect FEST band, so it's surprising the punk community hasn't discovered them in droves just yet

Essentially, Tacocat are like the pop punk/surf version of Lemuria: catchy vocals delivered with an upbeat tempo and a worry-free atmosphere typical to surf rock bands. While they're not breaking the bank open on "Lost Time", they have written a slew of excellent tracks here that, despite their light and almost subtle nature, will work their way into your subconscious and stay there for long after you've stopped listening.

Download: I Love Seattle; I Hate The Weekend; Plan A, Plan B
For the fans of: Lemuria, Fastbacks, Chumped
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Release date 01.04.2016
Hardly Art

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