Mountains & Parachutes

(Selftitled EP)

Written by: LF on 10/06/2016 16:06:15

A few months back, this quintet from Skanderborg, Denmark released their debut EP but it's only recently I've stumbled across it since they were booked as support for the post-rock band Explosions in the Sky's upcoming Danish show. Mountains & Parachutes' music could be described at least partly as post-rock as well even though they themselves go with the term "floating rock" which is also a pretty adequate description of the music they make.

Unlike EITS, they're not an instrumental band but feature echoing and dreamy vocal harmonies across their songs. The EP is otherwise dominated by keys and synths as well as careful drumming that sets the pace but never takes the attention away from the swirling themes and riffs. Even though every song here fits into the same kind of dreamy escapist vibe, some of them stand out with their own personality which is a plus for this kind of music that quickly blends together into one long stretch of the same daydream. Especially the track "Candle Flame" strikes a good figure with its changes in rhythm and an upwards yearning chorus.

The wonderful and long-stretched falsetto in "Phantomology" also makes an impression as well as the eclectic harmonies and upbeat drum pattern of "Jungle Secrets" that remind me pleasantly of a band from my high school days which I had long forgotten during my infatuation with harder rock genres, that is the playful pop/rock band Treefight For Sunlight. Other bands also come to mind as one listens through the EP, not least during the opener "Realize Real Lies", that introduces us to the very rich sound this band has alongside a neat twinkly vocal melody that is doubled nicely with keys in a way recalling most of all their fellow Danes in Mew.

All in all, this EP has been a pleasant surprise as I, from the EITS booking, half expected just a basic instrumental post-rock outfit. Mountains & Parachutes are certainly more than that as post-rock is just one element in their layered and immersive sound. As always with good EP's, one is left wanting for more but for now, I am just glad that I found a new promising local band to look out for in the future.


Download: Realize Real Lies, Candle Flame
For The Fans Of: Treefight For Sunlight, Mew, Kashmir

Release date 15.04.2016

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