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Dead Like Juliet is a six-piece Melodic Hardcore Band that was founded in 2009 in Merano, Italy. The sextet released their first demo, "Freedom" in 2012 and their EP, "Against the Crown" in 2013. In the Summer of 2015, Dead Like Juliet headed to Udio Media Studios in Vienna to record with well-known Austrian producer Norbert Leitner (Black Inhale, Chaos Beyond). These recordings became the band’s latest EP release, "Tempest".

Dead Like Juliet use their songs to talk about personal issues as well as mentioning social problems and the crap that goes on in the world, hoping to open the eyes of their listeners. “The Uprising” for one focuses on evil world leaders, clearly speaking about corrupt politicians with the line “Blood is pouring out as they open their mouths.” The EP opens with an instrumental piece. It has a sombre and atmospheric tone at first with ambient synths humming in the background before intricate drum beats kick in along with down-tuned riffs. The intro then ends with a guitar solo layered on top of crushing breakdowns. This sets the tone to expect something from both sides of the spectrum of soft and heavy.

The intro teases us into the first track, “The Uprising”, which is an extreme assault on the ears. Deep, deathcore like growling vocals instantly grabs your attention. Then screechy higher pitched screams kick in as the two styles battle it out between themselves. A barrage of drum fills, double pedal and dominating riffs flood the first twenty or so seconds until some hardcore influenced grooves take over. The song is an aggressive adventure that switches between hardcore and metalcore stereotypes of breakdowns, two-step grooves, gang vocals and catchy enough lyrics to sing along to.

“Heading For The Sun” isn’t quite as brutally heavy for the most part, It’s catchier and more of an anthemic melodic hardcore track, similar to “We Still Believe” by Stick To Your Guns. The title track, “Tempest” then focuses more on letting the musicianship of Dead Like Juliet shine. Throughout the song, a soothing guitar melody flows majestically over huge riffs, and more anthemic choruses. “Sorrow Shared” is a straight up metallic hardcore song with some awesome grooves and intriguing beats, it’s a pure pit starter featuring some hooking gang vocals halfway through in a similar choir like tone that While She Sleeps unleash.

“You Never Know”, is a five-minute epic end to the EP. It starts off softly for a brief moment before jumping into a bone-shattering breakdown. Dead Like Juliet follow their own trend of fluttering between heavy and melodic segments, often mixing the two at the same time. The formula of bruising guitar work, hard-hitting drums and nice melodies layered on top of a catchy sounding chorus seems all too familiar, but the Italians make it sound so easy, especially with a brilliant solo towards the end.

What helps is that Dead Like Juliet dived in and out of using different but similar influences that complement each other. If “Tempest” is anything to go by, you can bet on the band’s live performances being enjoyably chaotic. It is a solid effort with lots of ear-pricking moments and lyrics that are easy to pick up on in no time.


Download: The Uprising, You Never Know, Tempest
For The Fans Of: While She Sleeps, Stick To Your Guns, Awaken Demons

Release date 18.03.2016

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