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Last year, the Danish band Recitation released their debut LP featuring only one song, 27-minute mammoth "Carrion", which blends different elements from doom, sludge, and a few hints at psychedelic rock. Previously, I’d never heard of the project, but since they’re playing this year’s Colossal Weekend I thought I’d give the band a go. Upon first listen, "Carrion" feels like an apocalyptic journey towards the end. It starts with turned-up amps and screeching guitars which are supported by slow, heavy drumming, leading into a more ambient and droning soundscape with huge and even slower guitar riffs. And honestly, it doesn’t progress a lot from there. Not on the second listen, nor on the third, and so on.

As you reach the three-minute mark, some incredibly heavy death metal-inspired vocals are thrown in deep down in the mix. Now and then there’s also the occasional guitar solo somewhere in the back, but it’s often hard to find in the loud sound of crushing guitar and bass. After ten minutes, however, the song seems to pick up some pace by adding faster riffs and double pedal-drumming, but it only lasts for a few seconds until the lethargic drums and static ambience are presented once again. This change in dynamics actually happens once more an additional seven minutes later, for a longer time than previously, but it’s still not enough to truly redeem the song. Soon enough the song changes into an uninspired chug-fest with the vocals clashing down into the middle of it all now and then, and there’s just not enough meat on the bones to fill the long gap between this and the point where the song (rather cheekily, I’ll add, though) suddenly cuts off all feedback and just ends instantly.

This review may come off as rather negative, but in all honesty, the album isn’t all bad. The three band members are all more than capable of playing their instruments, but the problem is just that at no point on this record do they throw in any actual curveball or change the soundscape or pace drastically. There’s a slight progression going on now and then, but every time we’re facing anything exciting it’s either drowned in sound or cut off too soon. And really, it’s a shame, because there’s definitely a dark and very heavy atmosphere going on here, but way too often it feels void of passion or just plain boring. The rotting of flesh may take a long time, but does it have to be so monotonous on this "Carrion"?


Download: It’s one song, duh.
For The Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Pallbearer, Cannibal Corpse

Release date 09.10.2015

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