Sunshine Seems Important EP

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Danish punks Molly have been successfully gathering some interest off the back of last year's debut album "Peach Melba", being featured recently as one of the Copenhagen venue Vega's 'chosen' talents, suggesting that they're a name pegged to draw interest from both within the rock scenes and without. They follow their album up this year with a five track EP called "Sunshine Seems Important", which can be accurately summed up as an "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" kind of effort.

The trio's style is a fast-paced grungy punk rock with a nostalgic melodic ring to it, sporting a guitar tone that somehow instantly conjures images of good times in your head. The mix is noisy and dense, of the kind where the vocals are intentionally left to fight to be heard from within the riffing. The singing is hoarse, varying from drawn out drawling to excited barks, sounding a bit like a Kurt Cobain, except with a more casual and bright outlook on things. Music nerds will no doubt recognise debts of inspiration owed to Hüsker Dü, while some newer names that could be suggested as kindred spirits include music blog darlings like Cloud Nothings and Beach Slang.

The essential thing about Molly, however, seems that their most punk feature is a blatant disinterest with particularly elaborate songwriting. Their songs launch into their main parts immediately, go through one or two distinct developments at max and then drop off a cliff, vanishing as abruptly as they started, leaving impressions of compelling, yet somewhat primitive and confusable homogeneity.

And the question is whether this dogma is necessary or not, for Molly to keep their appeal intact. Yet "Sunshine Seems Important" shows little signs of wanting to play with that question. Instead, it seems like Molly are content doing what they do. And while the EP's title track for instance sports a catchy call/response pattern where the dragged out reply of "whateveeer" to each line injects some memorability, Molly inevitably feels more like a band that thrive on having a charming overall style than one that writes memorable individual songs.

"Sunshine Seems Important" then, is an extra serving for those who didn't feel full after listening to "Peach Melba". It's more of the same and it's sort of a statement that says "we're not concerned with writing songs for posteriority, we're writing stuff to play and keep the energy going at our shows right now, and if you forget about it a year or two after we break up, then so be it." And well, there's nothing wrong with Molly's compelling style and energy, one just wonders if it couldn't be catalyzed by some casual injections elaborateness in the songwriting.


Download: Sunshine Seems Important, I Don't Know You Anymore
For The Fans Of: Hüsker Dü, Cloud Nothings, Nirvana, Beach Slang

Release date 22.04.2016
Workout Records

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