Risk It!

Cross To Bear

Written by: PP on 02/04/2016 14:56:26

Testosterone-fueled Dresden, Germany hardcore warriors Risk It! released an impressive debut album "Who's Foolin' Who" in 2012 that didn't offer any fresh insight into hardcore whatsoever, but its straightforward approach to the genre focused on refining all the textbook aspects in order to fall squarely in the middle of the genre definition. Two-step friendly, circle-pit inducing, aggression-laden and fist-pump fueled no-nonsense hardcore much like Terror and Lionheart. That's all there was to it and nothing else was needed: "Who's Foolin' Who" was packed with hardcore jams designed exactly the way they were meant to be played.

Sophomore album "Cross To Bear" changes minimally from that approach. A few subtle melodic leads have been added underneath the down-tuned guitars on a few tracks to add detail to the expression. A good example is "Trapped", which draws an equal measure from Comeback Kid as it does from Trapped Under Ice. On the other hand, "Mind's Demise" and especially "Finish Your Business" both offer a party hardcore approach akin to Deez Nuts with a bouncy and upbeat tone that's in sharp contrast with the "Serious Fucking Business" theme that permeates the hardcore genre. These are the exceptions, as otherwise Risk It! paradoxically to their name take absolutely no risks in their straight up hardcore expression. They don't need to, however, because its sheer testosterone power, aggression factor, and memorable songwriting take care of business in one feisty combination.

Mosh pitters, karate warriors, and two-steppers alike will be awash with material to move around to throughout "Cross To Bear" songs. Simplified hardcore riffs, down-tuned distortion, and plenty of upbeat energy is all it takes, and while that might not sound like much on paper, on record Risk It! deliver another rock solid hardcore release.


Download: Trapped, Mind's Demise, Finish Your Business
For the fans of: Trapped Under Ice, Deez Nuts, Lionheart, Terror
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Release date 08.01.2016

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