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Noise Pollution

Written by: PP on 02/04/2016 14:00:48

Fredericia, Denmark-based Black Income released their debut album "Noise Pollution" a few months ago, paying close tribute to the grunge scene of the early-to-mid 90s. Bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots strongly influence a bass-driven, groovy rock sound that also draws from the likes of Kyuss and Fu Manchu, whilst a Scott Weiland type, dirty-croon owning vocalist does his best keeping their expression afloat. Original it is not, but, at least, it lives up to the expectations sound wise based on the grunge rock references scattered all over their press release.

Opener "You Can't Overcome" and "Everything" are both textbook grunge tracks. Whiskey-laden guitar distortion, muscular, oily vocals dominating the soundscape, and groovy bass lines drive the expression forward. They are relatively catchy - nothing compared to classics in the genre, of course, but decent enough to be recommended for the fans of the genre. So far so good. The remaining album, not so much. The band succumbs to writing anonymous rock tracks that neither stick to mind nor provide instant gratification in the form of catchy choruses. Like countless other Danish bands before them, the songwriting is too bland and reeks of the all-too-frequently met approach of "we just wanted to make a rock band and sound like our idols" that plagues the average Danish rock band.

As a result, "Noise Pollution" quickly starts fading as you go along, and skipping tracks becomes not just the option but the rule. "Lock'N'Load" is a great example: five minutes of slow, fuzzy grunge with forgettable guitars and nothing saying vocals. Sure, the singer has a lot of attitude in his delivery, which is a requirement in grunge especially when you emulate bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots so closely, but lacks the capacity to consistently write catchy passages that stick to mind. There are a few decent cuts like "Hate To Say It", which sounds a bit like a heavier Lifehouse track, but overall "Noise Pollution" is bland and forgettable.

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For the fans of: Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Lifehouse
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Release date 15.01.2016
Mighty Music

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