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It looks like electronica-rock and industrial metal is trying to make a comeback, or, at least, push itself back into a more focal point in alternative music. Rob Zombie has been a clear favourite in this area for years with a lot of peers not meeting his level. While Spanish act Killus are miles from reaching the heights of Rob Zombie, they sure are channelling him in their latest release “Ultrazombies”; perhaps I’m looking too deep into the name but the album certainly is ultra-Rob Zombie-esque.

Killus are essentially just unleashing the same gothic industrial nu-metal soaked with the same kind of samples from old horror flicks. Not only that, but frontman Supersixx sounds as if he is trying to emulate the vocal style of both Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson from the days when Manson was still relevant. You could easily think “Ultrazombies” might actually be a collaboration between the two rock stars. The Zombie influence is more fun while the Manson influence is a lot heavier.

The music itself is packed full of rhythm as you would expect with any decent industrial-influenced album. The guitars are crunchy and it has that typical drum beat you can march along to. The opening title-track sets the tone that I’ve described above, the Zombie-esque catchiness based on repetitive lyrics, but full of cool sound effects. “Welcome To My Madness” follows the same suit for the most part, similar beats and eerie guitar whines in the verse that leads to a heavy, yet catchy chorus with more repetitive lyrics. It’s a simple and easy way to get you hooked and singing/shouting along. It was nice to hear a brutal breakdown halfway through just to mix it up. The song had a real late 90’s tone to it, think Rob Zombie's “Hellbilly Deluxe” meets the ferocity of Slipknot’s self-titled album.

“White Lines” has more of a modern sound to it in places, like it was closer to rave-metallers Crossfaith. It opens with more intensity, big trance melodies and pounding double bass drums as if there was an urgency to create carnage. It’s full of modern metal hooks and catchy lyrics, showing that the band isn't just trying to rip off from a certain era.Though the most of what follows doesn’t match this claim as it reverts back to that late 90s sound. "Satanachia" is the only other track that copies this same intensity and "The Ghost Under My Bed" is the only other real exception from the fun and heavy sound that dominates the album. It's slow, creepy and an epic finale that aims for the dramatic and emotional. big hooks, solos and wall of sound synths towards the end create a huge atmosphere.

“Ultrazombies” is very good and an enjoyable, but it’s too hard not to compare it to the biggest and best of industrial metal and the alternative rock/ nu-metal era. What this album really does is make you want to listen to the likes of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie more instead of more Killus. Though the idea of creating a playlist with all three and trying to guess who it is does seem appealing for parties and drinking games.

Download: Ultrazombies, White Lines, Satanchia
For The Fans Of: Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Murderdolls

Release date 28.03.2016
Art Gates Records

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