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It appears we have another melodic hardcore album in the early stages of 2016. Swedish lads, Cedron, are forcing their way towards receiving more recognition in the hardcore scene with their recently released second full-length album “Valence” - a follow up from their debut album “Chased By Shades” from 2013. Even though since that time Cedron have toured the likes of Australia and have performed in over 30 different European countries, they haven’t been a widely known name in alternative music – yet “Valence” could change that.

The album kicks off with a track called “Time Heal My Wounds”, which starts with the common use of tension building feedback before unleashing into a barrage of angst-ridden shouted vocals and raw, distorted riffs. The atmosphere is riddled with a feeling of intense frustration waiting to be released in a song that fuses the grooves of hardcore, the heaviness of 90s metalcore with the emotion from the likes of Counterparts. Halfway through this opener, it takes a softer approach, containing a soothing interlude laced with intricate drumming and calming melodies. It all builds suspense for an epic ending to the song.

“Walking Gravestones” takes less of an epic approach and goes straight for the jugular. Intense, hard hitting drums, aggressive, raspy vocals and a huge amount of energy unleashed in the early parts of the song; much like if the Comeback Kid of now re-recorded “Wake The dead” in their recent, more brutal tone. “Never Lasting” heads back towards the epic sound of metalcore meets melodic hardcore, emulating the anthemic style of While She Sleeps in the captivating sing-along chorus, though the verse is closer to Being As An Ocean with the spoken word style vocals layered on top of more atmospheric melodies.

A pattern starts to form of an epic song followed by a shorter burst of relentless heaviness for the first half of the album as “Done Breathing” is 106 seconds of intense angry hardcore. The second half is mostly filled with the epic heavy sound that Cedron kicked the album off with. “No Peace Without Justice” is a full on mash-up of 90s and modern metalcore, think Reign Supreme meets “There Is A Hell…” era Bring Me The Horizon. “Writing Love” is an 86-second onslaught of noisy hardcore and aggressive chaotic energy that plays as a sort of intro piece to the epic album finale that is “No One Else Can Take Part”. The two tracks sound like they are meant to be played one after the other as if they are parts one and two of the same song. The latter of the two starts off with a minor interlude but leads on swiftly into an epic atmosphere, with ominous guitars creating a wall of noise along with heavy distorted vocals. It’s a big “in your face” ending to the album.

“Valence” is an impressive instalment in a genre that is starting get rather over saturated, yet it is one of the most captivating albums in the genre I’ve heard in recent years. After checking Cedron’s back catalogue, it’s easy to see that the Swedish lads haven’t ventured too far from their initial sound. What amazes me more is that for however long Cedron have been around, that they aren’t more recognised. “Valence” however sounds like it could push the band into the spotlight that they deserve.


Download: Time Heal My Wounds, Walking Gravestones, No Peace For Justice
For The Fans Of: Reign Supreme, Counterparts, While She Sleeps
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Release date 12.02.2016
Redfield Records

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