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Keeping the stoner and Sabbath spirit alive in a strong fashion we have Redwolves from Copenhagen on their sophomore EP "Walking Roads". Their debut EP "Wake Up" was released under the Awesome Mr. Powerwolf moniker in 2013, but they were forced to cease and desist thanks to a friendly Nuclear Blast reminder about an existing band on their roster (Powerwolf). Brand awareness might start from scratch, but Redwolves is a better name anyway for what is quickly shaping up to be one of the most exciting retro rock bands in Denmark based on these two EPs.

Although "Wake Up" EP predominantly consisted of solid songs, the soundscape was still a work in progress considering how much it jumped around the map genre-wise. That changes on "Walking Roads" EP, where it is immediately obvious the band have sat down and thought hard about the elements that carried that record and focused writing more material in that vein. The result is a well-formed, authentic sounding classic rock revitalization where instrumental virtuoso and killer solos go hand-in-hand with formidable riff composition and memorable melodies. Particularly "Got You On My Mind" with its high-octane, rowdy atmosphere sticks out from the record as a flagship track, but the six minute plus mammoth "Walking Roads" proves its worth too through a barrage of catchy riffs that should sit well with most fans of the retro rock revival scene. Parallels are drawn towards national colleagues in Förtress and the more recent South, whose debut EP impressed us equally, but also towards the obvious classic titans like Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath, but never in an attempt to clone rather than as a source of influence.

Throughout the EP, Redwolves manufacture a party-fueled, rowdy expression of stoner-infused psychedelia and raw rock'n'roll with more innovation and breaths of fresh air than the entire High Voltage consignment of generic sleaze rock bands put together. The ingredients are familiar to anyone and everyone who has listened to rock music since the early Sabbath days, yet they feel updated and re-energized in the process. Fellow Danish bands take note, this is what good songwriting sounds like.

Download: Got You On My Mind, Walking Roads
For the fans of: South, Förtress, Thin Lizzy, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster
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Release date 29.01.2016

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