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Learn To Kiss EP

Written by: TL on 23/02/2016 14:35:29

Leeds quintet Dancing Years first made themselves known on Danish shores by supporting their countrymen from To Kill A King at their show in Copenhagen last year (review here). They made quite an impression then, giving us good reason to look out for a future release which is now here in the form of their new EP "Learn To Kiss".

The band plays a soft and haunting sort of chamber rock, very much akin to that of their sadly broken up countrymen Dry The River. Piano and violin are as important in the soundscape as are acoustic and electric guitar, and their compositions feel very atmospheric and orchestrated, more about providing mood and movement behind singer David Henshaw than about drawing focus with particular signature melodies. And that makes sense because Henshaw has an utterly amazing singing voice, profoundly melodious in tone and clear in diction.

This all makes for music which has the priceless base quality of letting you feel the full weight of each soft and well-timed touch, yet which also, on this EP at least, can feel a little unresolved compared to memories of the band's live performance, as well as of earlier songs like "We Danced Last Night" and particularly the stellar "Here's To My Old Friends". Considering how instantly the band's music lets you feel their potential for hitting you deeply in the feels, the four tracks on "Learn To Kiss" pull up at a classy distance from fully sweeping you off your feet.

That said, there's a beautiful bit of violin to EP closer "April" while the subtle changes in rhythm along the way in the title track "Learn To Kiss" also tugs more at the body than music this soft would be expected to. It's the two intermediate tracks, however, "Valentine" and "Neon Lights", that offer the most impactful lines in "I'm too often on my own" and "I put my makeup on my face and go". These are where the band's efforts feel like they culminate the most. And ultimately, if you have any familiarity with the band in advance, you'll probably feel like you wanted a bit more. Four decent tracks is, well, decent, but how about an album of getting a bit more ambitious? Can it be time soon? Please?

Download: Learn To Kiss, Valentine, Neon Lights
For The Fans Of: Dry The River, To Kill A King, Elbow, The Frames
Listen: facebook.com/DancingYears

Release date 12.02.2016

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