Here Comes the Sun

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At the end of 2015, the album “Here Comes the Sun” from French metal band Klone was picked by numerous newspapers and websites in France as one of the highlights of the year. Of course, you could point out that it may be because of some kind of nationalistic feeling, but it is the first time that Klone achieves such a large consensus and it is well deserved.

The band Klone from Poitiers, a small city in the west of France, has, throughout the years, built an interesting discography. Starting with hardcore metal, they ventured on a progressive side with the album “All Seeing Eye”. In 2015, “Here Comes the Sun” showed a clear shift towards a more atmospheric kind of metal: The rhythms are slow and the mood is ethereal and melancholic.

“Here Comes the Sun” is an album that takes some time to unveil all its details. The discrete piano on “The Last Experience”, the multiple layers of synthesizers or Matthieu Metzger’s saxophone show the subtleties of the production. Klone has a real talent for writing very memorable and beautiful melodic lines, which makes “Here Comes the Sun” a catchy and complex album that will reveal itself through time. From the very first song, “Immersion”, listeners are taken by the intensity of the voice of Yann Ligner, which is soon joined by heavy guitars. The whole album is slow-paced, you will not find any dexterity tricks or complex rhythmic demonstrations. Emotion is what drives the music. It reminds sometimes of the second period of Anathema or Riverside. Klone manages to reach an emotional depth that has seldom been explored with the overwhelming “Nebulous” for example. “Here Comes the Sun” however, lacks diversity, it feels a bit too linear and it could have been interesting to hear the whole range of the band. Nonetheless, the album is well conceived and when we reach the penultimate track, “The Last Experience”, Klone is almost on the brink of madness with a chaotic wall of sound that is eased eventually in the quieter and more mellow “Summertime.”

With this very compelling record, let us hope that Klone will manage to reach a larger public internationally because they have all the qualities of a well-established band.


Download: “Immersion”, ”Nebulous”, “The Last Experience”
For The Fans Of: Anathema, Porcupine tree, Riverside
Listen: facebook.com

Release date 27.04.2015

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