Light Years

I'll See You When I See You

Written by: PP on 09/02/2016 23:07:40

For their sophomore album, Light Years hop over from Title Fight-esque worship into another style of imitation. Where the previous record held a certain degree of crunch and punk undertones to it, the new album "I'll See You When I See You" sounds like a b-side to the +44 classic "When Your Heart Stops Beating" from a decade ago, and therefore by extension, to Blink 182's last two records. It's a saddened form of pop punk meets alternative rock with polished production but without the charming melodies of +44, a consequence of all edges and sharp guitars of their debut album being ironed out in search for a catchier expression.

Sure enough, it has its moments. "Let You Down" echoes the classic upbeat emo-driven pop punk of The Swellers or maybe even Elway, whereas opener "Are You Sure" and "So Sorry" sound exactly like you're listening to +44. Any easycore references have been removed from the expression, which makes sense, but the more puzzling question is where all the dreamy melodies off their debut album have gone0? It's as if the band made a conscious shift into melodramatic pop punk away from their roots, but without having enough charisma and personality to pull it off properly.

The result is an album that on first listen is decent enough, but simply has no longevity in your memory. +44 had intense emotional ups and downs and a great vocalist, in comparison Light Years feel like a huge letdown, even more so if you consider the potential they showcased on their debut album in 2013. The depth of the songwriting has gone downhill; the songs are less interesting than they were in the past. "I'll See You When I See You" is a mediocre album in a genre that has more saturation than most genres can survive, so chances are by this time next year, you'll have forgotten this one even exists, even if there's nothing particularly wrong with it right now.


Download: Are You Sure, Let You Down, Living In Hell, So Sorry
For the fans of: +44, Blink 182, The Swellers, Elway
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Release date 13.11.2015
Rude Records

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