Suis La Lune

Distance / Closure EP

Written by: PP on 08/02/2016 23:01:56

"Distance / Closure" EP might be the best thing released in screamo revival (skramz) in the past couple of years. With a back-chilling combination of immersive beauty and bruising chaos, Sweden's Suis La Lune build on 2012's excellent "Riala" and prove they have what it takes to be considered among the leaders in this genre. Although just four tracks long, the record spans a whopping 29 minutes in that space, featuring such emotional depth and desperation it's almost touchable, instantly grabbing the listener onto a ride where a cacophonous mess of melancholy and optimism simultaneously compete for time in the soundscape.

The detail and richness of the expression is mind-blowing, with intricate post-rock sections and math rock chaos taking the expression through constant and sudden tempo changes, rapid stop/start sequences, polyrhythms, and traditional screamo instrumentation in a seamless fashion. The passion and urgency levels are off the roof, the imposing immediacy of the record suggests all walls will break in live environments as the crowd and band merge into one chaotic mess of intimately shared emotion and energy. And out of the rubble emerge tranquil melodies and astonishing percussion that's not just creative and innovative, but pushes the boundaries of what is possible to do in screamo and undoubtedly lays a benchmark of what future European (and why not also US) releases should be compared against. Think Japanese masters toe and their experimental percussion, and merge that with intensity levels of old Pianos Become The Teeth material or the original 90s screamo of Saetia or Orchid. And while the vocals are purposefully pushed to the back of the soundscape, they channel original screamo perfectly with the raw, emotionally drenched howls that contrast the high-pitched post-rock guitars in perfect

It's difficult to pick one highlight of the record because all four tracks are top notch screamo on their own. Intricate instrumentals, perfect understanding of the quiet/loud dynamics that make this genre tick, and sublime execution of that understanding results into chaotic songs that make sense, that stick to mind, that incite chills through their inner beauty and compositional awe. This, my friends, is how to write screamo 20 years later. A masterpiece that in full album form would've been on multiple end-of-year lists near the very top.

Download: Different Perspectives, Endless Cycle, Better Parts
For the fans of: Saetia, The Saddest Landscape, Pianos Become The Teeth, Sed Non Satiata, envy
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Release date 31.07.2015
Topshelf Records

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