The End

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Southampton beatdown favourites Desolated have risen swiftly through the ranks in the UK hardcore scene over the last few years. Primarily known for having chaotic and violent shows, in 2013 the video for “Death By My Side” launched the Southampton lads into becoming a household name within UK hardcore and it showcased how brutal things can get when they play live. Shortly after that, Desolated became more of a brand than anything else, similar to the way that While She Sleeps did in 2011; hoodies with the now incredibly recognisable circular Desolated logo were selling like hotcakes like it was the most popular thing to wear. A few years down the line the band are already on their second full album release, “The End”.

Instantly what we have come to expect from Desolated is the simplistic brutality, the deepest chugs that would encourage violence, the occasional grooves and a hell of a lot of gang vocals that invite fans to shout along with them. If there is anything to be learned from the 2013 EP “Disorder Of Mind”, it is just mindless aggressive music to make you go mental in the pit, not a lot more. Then in comes “The Beginning” as the first track from “The End” and there is a minor difference in attitude. The deep chugs and the raspy shouts from vocalist Paul Williams remain the same, but there are a lot more riffs and 2-step grooves. The all out violent atmosphere has shifted to something a lot more in the realms of straight up hardcore.

From then on it is a very similar and repetitive formula, the beatdowns keep coming, the riffs flow and your head is either banging (especially in “Therapy”) or you are wanting to have a dance to the 2-step segments. A lot of the album blends together and before you know it you have listened to three or four songs and you haven’t even noticed they aren’t different. It is only when you single tracks out that you start to notice that they are highly enjoyable individual tracks. The only real surprise comes during the instrumental piece, “Out Of Luck”; as all forms of aggression are gone in this chilled-out bluesy rock number that is reminiscent of the instrumental segments that Brutality Will Prevail use.

“The End” is a more enjoyable listen than anything Desolated have released before, the atmosphere is fun in a way. The pits will remain as violent as always, but there is not a lot more room to let loose and have a bit of a dance without having your head kicked in, maybe. The general tone of this album is lighter, and perhaps this is catering to growth and a more widespread fan base. Either way, the tracks from “The End” are some of the better individual Desolated songs in their catalogue, with “The Beginning” being the best song the Southampton lads have ever produced, followed closely by the popular anthem “Death By My Side”.


Download: The Beginning, Therapy, Out Of Luck
For The Fans Of: Malevolence, Brutality Will Prevail, Dead Mans Chest

Release date 05.02.2016
Beatdown Hardwear Records

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