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Desire Will Rot

Written by: MBC on 01/02/2016 02:19:23

Canadian grindcore masters Fuck The Facts have been decimating venues and releasing one viscerally violent album after another for almost two decades. Last year, they released the amazing “Desire Will Rot” which remains one of the strongest albums in the band’s career. With now ten full lengths and various EPs and other projects, Fuck The Facts have always been extremely prolific as well as a band that continues to defy genre conventions and challenge the boundaries of grind while remaining true to its unrelenting and raw core sound. Led by vicious female vocalist Melanie Mongeon, the band pummels the listener with a constant barrage of growls, blastbeats and grating riffs that will leave grind/death fans satisfied, while providing more progressive and atmospheric elements as well that will challenge the listener to pay close attention for the details.

From the very first second of album opener “Everywhere Yet Nowhere” Fuck The Facts deliver crushingly brutal grind that will probably either delight or disgust you, based on preference. With chaotic fast riffs, blasting drums and Mongeon screaming like she belongs in an asylum, “Desire Will Rot” kicks your ass right off the bat. However, remain persistent and you will discover great details such as a thick bass-laden groove and a Kerry King-esque solo that appear out of nowhere. This is symptomatic of the album in general, as the band keeps surprising throughout, which gives it great replay value. Most of the songs are under three minutes long, but Fuck The Facts play at such a hectic pace and seamlessly go from one tempo or part to the other that this is not noticeable.

“La Mort I” has a thick heavy hardcore groove and features proggy guitar sweeps. The track is mostly instrumental with only a short appearance by Mongeon at the end. On “La Mort II” she is again featured more prominently, and the track features a great melodic death metal guitar solo ala those of The Black Dahlia Murder. On “Prey” the band slows the tempo down dramatically into doom-territory and “False Hope” switches from brutal death metal to a minimalistic and slightly psychedelic heavy groove. The album’s longest track “Circle” is almost eight minutes but features maybe the least material of any of the tracks. Establishing a distant and nightmarish atmosphere, various instruments, including piano and strings, are used to create depressive and haunting landscapes of sound that make the ambient track stand out and yet somehow fit perfectly with the rest of the album.

“Desire Will Rot” is an incredible display of grindcore brutality. It is a raw, dirty and ferocious album that will affect and challenge the listener with its many changes in tempo and styles. These switches never feel forced or unnatural, and the album flows excellently together into one amazing package from Fuck The Facts. This album should definitely not be missed.


Download: Everywhere Yet Nowhere, Shadows Collide, Prey, Storm Of Silence, False Hope, Circle
For the fans of: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Converge, Mumakil, Rolo Tomassi, Pig Destroyer
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Release date 25.08.2015
Noise Salvation Records

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