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A Thousand Words

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Having recently caught the attention of European rock fans through the supporting spot on a Tremonti tour, British band Wearing Scars have slowly been making a name for themselves as competent song writers and performers of good, hard rocking music. Getting the stamp of approval from a player of such high calibre as Mark Tremonti must be quite an honour for a new band, and based on their debut album “A Thousand Words” from last year, they do deserve the attention.

Front man Chris Clancy might be familiar to some, having previously been a part of the rather successful band Mutiny Within. He has a strong vocal presence that fits the music well. In a vocal style resembling that of Trivium’s Matt Heafy, his voice is aggressive and gruff enough to carry the metal verse riffs and yet clean enough for the melodic choruses, and he delivers on both accounts. He has a big range that especially comes through when he belts out choruses such as on “Stand Alone” and “Butterfly” that are awesome rock songs with great grooves and melody. In a few instances, the ballads in particular, he does tend to be a bit too melodramatic ala Creed or various 80s rock bands. For the most part though, he puts on an impressive performance, which can be said for the rest of the band as well.

The album starts off really well with hard rocking palm-muted riffs with a djent-like vibe, a great guitar solo and Clancy’s soaring vocals on of the strongest tracks on the album, “Become Numb”. The band follows up with the metalcore-esque “Stand Alone” and the high-flying hard rock track “Butterfly” that are both excellent songs. About halfway through, the album does run a bit out of steam with a number of rather anonymously sounding songs and a little too much emphasis on ballads. This is a shame, since these are obviously quality players with the skills to write awesome metallic rock songs and become major players in modern rock. Wearing Scars will undoubtedly continue to improve and will be very interesting to follow in the near future.


Download: Become Numb, Stand Alone, Butterfly, Waiting For The End, A Last Goodbye
For the fans of: Tremonti, Wovenwar, Submersed, Shinedown, Trivium, Creed
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Release date 24.07.2015
Candyman Records

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