Today, They Are Older

Today, They Are Older

Written by: MAK on 20/01/2016 13:38:38

Blackburn lads Today, They Are Older have returned to the art of DIY recording, releasing a self-titled EP as a follow up to their 2013 album “The Evergreen Theory”. The quintet dabbles in mixing elements of post-hardcore, melodic hardcore and metalcore, unleashing ferocious sounds before drifting off into ambient and progressive segments. Initially, I sense a combination of Underoath meets While She Sleeps, as the tenacity of both is there. The erratic side of Today, They Are Older is reminiscent of Underoath’s ability to cause chaos to your senses while the almost anthemic style metallic hardcore in places added to the atmosphere that 'Sleeps are known to unleash.

Liam Corran’s vocals are raw, very throaty in the screams and shouts like an under-produced Spencer Chamberlain. They are extremely dominant at the forefront as the frontman is backed by wall of noise guitar whines and intricate drum beats with interesting time signatures. While the vocals are dominant, the musicianship is impeccable. The guitar playing in both the heavy moments and the soft segments is captivating. The grooves in “Statues” just get your head banging and the soothing atmospherics in “No Guts, No Glory” are up there with August Burns Red’s instrumental soft moments.

Today, They Are Older’s previous release “The Evergreen Theory" sounded a lot more polished around the edges than the self-titled EP does. In some ways it makes it sound like the Blackburn lads have taken a step back, but it works in favour of the erratic and chaotic mess the quintet unleash in their sound. The atmosphere is purely raw and energetic, and you can just imagine how destructive the pits will be. The clean vocals could do with working on, touching up in production a little. The EP is a decent effort as far as songwriting goes, the musicianship is far more impressive than on the previous album. I just think for the overall sound the production and perhaps the recording could have been done better to create a more professional sound.


Download: No Guts, No Glory , Statues, Empty Eyes
For The Fans Of: Underoath, Architects, While She Sleeps

Release date 27.11.2015
Sunbird Records

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