Good Tiger

A Head Full of Moonlight

Written by: LF on 18/01/2016 17:17:03

Good Tiger is a brand new progressive metal band from the UK but they have already gathered quite some support as their debut "A Head Full of Moonlight" was financed through an IndieGoGo campaign in 2015. Even though this constellation is new, the band consists of seasoned musicians spanning ex-TesseracT vocalist Elliot Coleman, ex-The Safety Fire guitarists Derya Nagle and Joaquin Ardiles, ex-The Faceless drummer Alex Rüdinger, and finally bassist Morgan Sinclair who has been touring with Architects previously.

The band's sound is groovy and progressive with busy, echoing guitars that should sound familiar to fans of The Safety Fire for obvious reasons. Coleman sings in a sharp falsetto voice, fully introducing his range here in the first track, "Where Are The Birds", which also presents to us his distinct off-beat and almost R'n'B-like way of using rhythm in some of his verses across the record. The jazzy break in the middle of "Aspirations" gives us another charming version of this, while the later highlight track, "All Her Own Teeth", that batters away with majestically sounding swirling guitars, is another great example of how his vocal approach plays well together with the mostly heavier, playful instrumental sound.

As charming as his clean singing is, as ferocious sounds his growls that show up in several tracks, but mostly only in short periods of time. The single "Snake Oil" is the utmost example of this, as it dives head-first into heavier territory than anywhere else on the record. Good Tiger is a band with a big range, though, and in the other end of the spectrum, we find songs like the pristine and very simple "Understanding Silence" or the calmer "Latchkey Kids" with its repetitive, ringing guitars that create a dreamy breathing room from the previous songs on the record.

The way Good Tiger integrate contrast in their music in general, like through the break in the latter half of "Enjoy the Rain", coupled with how Coleman's voice sounds like it's bouncing off of the tightly controlled soundscapes, makes their music stand out with a rather unique sound despite the fact that progressive metal with a falsetto range vocalist is not a rare thing to find these days. It's a promising debut indeed even though some songs fall short in comparison with the rest.

Download: Snake Oil, All Her Own Teeth, Where Are the Birds
For The Fans Of: Periphery, The Safety Fire, The Contortionist

Release date 06.11.2015

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