Deforesters EP

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Black Numbers specialize in releasing FEST-friendly, rollicking Midwestern punk rock records that appeal to a fairly niché audience of flannel-wearing punks, but for this group, in particular, they tend to hit the nail in the head. Here's another tiny band called Deforesters, who hail from Toronto, and read Pup drummer Zack Mykula among their rank. Their self-titled EP spans just four tracks and 12 minutes, but in that space they'll find a home in the hearts of most Midwestern punk fans with lines like "I drank way too much, sorry shit got weird, but we will feel the same, fuck the world that brought us here" anthemically chanted with gravelly, rough-around-the-edges style vocals found on "Aether Theories".

Opener "A Song For The Reptoids Of Denver International Airport To Sing" sets the tone of the record straight away. Bright, sparkling guitars, a rowdy punk rock tempo, and vocals that echo Off With Their Heads ensure we're in the no-frills punk world again with no extra bullshit needed. The songs are raw and unpolished, rolling forward in seamless fashion with easygoing sing-alongs and melody-driven, chord-based guitars delivered in an upbeat tempo. "Aether Theories" is easily the catchiest track on the record, but "Baroque Obama" gives it a run for its money with parallels to older Flatliners material.

Much like other releases like it, "Deforesters" EP isn't flashy nor does it need to be. It's good at what it does without being impressive: delivering Midwestern punk rock by the books with obvious references to the usual bunch in this genre. Think Red City Radio, Direct Hit!, Banner Pilot et al and you're on the right track.


Download: Aether Theories, Baroque Obama
For the fans of: Off With Their Heads, The Flatliners, The Slow Death, Banner Pilot
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Release date 23.10.2015
Black Numbers

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